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Aw, look at him being the hero.

Wait, let me rephrase:

He insulted her shortly before this speech.

Then he goes and belittles Santana.

Then he tells Quinn she’s a mess, which is so good for her ego.

Then he reminds her of her pregancy, but doesn’t apologize, nor does he admit how he maliciously took advantage of her. He abused her. He ignored her no. He lied to her about using contraception. He got her drunk, then fucked her, then left her to deal with the consequences on her own.

And don’t tell me he tried to be there. He never cared about her. He always only cared about his own damn daddy issues.

Also, what exactly is the consequence of this scene? Does he go and help her? Does he offer her anything? 

No. Again, she’s left to deal with things on her own. 

Thanks, Puck. You’re such a good man.

Oh, and let’s not forget how right after his little speech to her he goes and tells her that he’s slept with Shelby. Shelby, out of all people. Yea, that’s not traumatizing for Quinn or anything.

(via anotherfeminist)

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    ^^ Reblogging for the above statement, thanks. I do not ship Quick in any sense of the word, but Puck’s awesome. And a...
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    Thank you! Don’t insult him. He’s amazing.
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