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I need help. I need so much help right now.

I came home from a long day at work with my sister today to find a red sheet of paper taped to the front of my door. We joked and said ‘oh looks like we’re finally getting evicted.’ So we parked in our driveway and my sister went to check out what the paper actually said.

I’m completely lost right now. Our house is going to be sold at a public affair on September 10th, 2012. I took the paper to my dad, since he’s pretty much the head of the house and the house itself is under his name. When I read it to him, he just shrugged and put the paper aside. My dad suffers from depression and has been unable to work for the past few years and we’ve been scraping by on social security checks the entire time. My sister and I only work part time as per diem employees (meaning we get no benefits and are only scheduled as needed), my mom hasn’t been a part of our lives for a long time now, and my younger sister (age 14) is too young to work.

My dad’s given up but my sister and I won’t go down without a fight. We’re going to go to the ends of the earth to find a way to keeps us and our younger sister in this house.

I’m a very private person and this was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in a long time. So please, a signal boost, a dollar, anything to help and you’ll have my eternal gratitude. I can’t lose the house I’ve spent my entire life in.

[My sister started a campaign here.]

Signal boosting. This family didn’t realize their dad hadn’t been paying property taxes and now they’re being evicted. I know times are hard for everyone. I saw this post last night and wasn’t sure whether I should donate. But then I thought, “What if that was me? What if the person in charge of paying my bills was seriously mentally ill and I didn’t know there was a problem until it was too late?” I would hope and pray that strangers would open their hearts and give me $5.

Our government has let us down by not closely regulating banks and lenders. Our government has let us down by not giving people on disability enough money to live on. Our government has let us down by not prioritizing affordable mental health care. Our government has let us down by decreasing taxes for the wealthy while squeezing benefits for the poor. On a macro level, we can fight back by electing better politicians and thinking critically about the media. On a micro level, we can fight back by letting this family keep their home. Please donate and/or signal boost.

(via teacupsandcyanide)

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