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Hello. I'm Rose, 20-something Nebraskan. If you want to know more feel free to ask, I'm not going to waste space here.
This is a personal blog that serves as a miscellaneous collection of things I find cute, cool, interesting, and enraging.
I know that all people are equal and deserve the same rights and respect, and I welcome everyone of all and any race, religion, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, romantic orientation, age, ability, anything else I may have forgotten (let me know!) and any combination or absence thereof. I do NOT welcome discrimination and bigotry. If *I* say or do anything that is offensive or insensitive, please tell me! I try to consider everyone/different perspectives and experiences when speaking, but I could always make a mistake, and educating myself is a constant process: I will be grateful rather than offended to have small-mindedness on my part pointed out. It's the only way I'll know to correct it.
Thank you and have a nice day!
(Blog NSFW: strong language, various topics of discussion, and occasional images of anatomy and/or nudity.)
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To illustrate what I deal with on a daily basis here is an email I received from “” … which by the way is NOT a website and is most likely part of an anonymous relay service to hide the original senders IP address.

You think you’re safe? You think any of you trash are safe? You’re a dirty lying whore.
You are disgusting. Do the other trash you talk to know just how trashy you really are? You know
I read your page on that trash-bucket site “Ketans” or whatever it’s called, I nearly puked.
It was so nice of you to put a post about me there. I am so happy that I hurt you so badly you fucking waste of breath.
Maybe I’m watching all the sites you’re on. Maybe I’m a member on that dumb cesspool of a website, just to watch you.

Your uncle deserves to be dead. So does all the other dead gypsy trash. I hope they killed him slowly
and painfully and made him squeal like the nasty pig he was.

Maybe YOU should be next, fat dirty gypsy whore.

So, they stalked me over to another website I am on and saw things I posted there which has me worried for THAT site… which I will probably have to LEAVE after this, if it is proven that they are actually ON the site.

I would hate for other members to receive this kind of disgusting and vile message.

You know, I can take a lot of things.

Stuff I can’t take includes things about my relatives (especially if they’re dead) and threats to other people.

So, see Tumblr, this is what being a gypsy is. Opening your mail every day to find out how much the world loves you.

I feel sick.

That is so fucked up. I’m sorry. 

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