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Hello. I'm Rose, 20-something Nebraskan. If you want to know more feel free to ask, I'm not going to waste space here.
This is a personal blog that serves as a miscellaneous collection of things I find cute, cool, interesting, and enraging.
I know that all people are equal and deserve the same rights and respect, and I welcome everyone of all and any race, religion, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, romantic orientation, age, ability, anything else I may have forgotten (let me know!) and any combination or absence thereof. I do NOT welcome discrimination and bigotry. If *I* say or do anything that is offensive or insensitive, please tell me! I try to consider everyone/different perspectives and experiences when speaking, but I could always make a mistake, and educating myself is a constant process: I will be grateful rather than offended to have small-mindedness on my part pointed out. It's the only way I'll know to correct it.
Thank you and have a nice day!
(Blog NSFW: strong language, various topics of discussion, and occasional images of anatomy and/or nudity.)
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so I don’t like the implication using the word “intelligent” here. Can we stop using a made up concept to put people down since you know that’s kind of what ableists do? I don’t want that in my feminism.

Not to mention equating bigotry with stupidity/lacking intelligence is arrogant, lazy, and dangerous. 

Look. Confucius, classical Greek philosophers, and scientists from the 17th through 20th century have three things in common. 1) They were men (science and philosophy being men’s clubs even today). 2) They were and are regarded as intelligent. 3) Every last one of them had “proof" that women (and races other than theirs) were inferior in every respect. Whether it was considering women to be “incomplete men” (lacking exterior genitals, inability to produce semen…) or childlike, or naturally subservient, or just having smaller skulls, each and every one of them, being intelligent, rational beings, produced some kind of evidence. They all “knew” women were inferior- why, just look at such and such an example!

So. Do you think the majority of leaders and thinkers up to the last 50-100 years have beenvarying degrees of stupid? Or do you think, maybe, the problem is that up until the last 50-100 years most human societies have been so bigoted in every possible way that it’s amazing that we’re even starting to leave all that behind?

"Intelligence", or lack thereof, does not make anyone more or less susceptible to being influenced by ones environment. A misogynistic and racist society produces people who are misogynistic and racist. Get off your high horse.