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“The Administrative Court of Appeals in Stockholm, Sweden announced today, December 19th 2012  that the requirement in the Swedish Law on Legal Gender Recognition that a person wishing  to change gender marker must undergo sterilization indeed violates the Swedish Constitution (Regeringsformen 2 kap 6 §)  as well as the articles 8 and 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights.”



Well it took them long enough

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If I see ANY non-Black trans people even THINKING this is a good or okay idea in ANY way, shape or form.

I swear.




…………. i just

Fellow trans people, you are fucking up. Please stop. Stop this shit now.

What the actual flip?

Wow no.

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This truscum guy follows the trans tag and reblogs people’s posts with nonconsensual “advice” and other criticisms. He does it with this formal voice that is disguised so as to seem like legitimate concern, when it’s actually sarcastic and meant to gaslight or subtly attack trans people by concern trolling. Half of his replies are basically “you’re not actually trans” or “you are not trans/feminine/masculine enough”, with a strong emphasis on biological essentialism and surgical/medical transition as the only “real” transition.

Based on their blog title (“binarism and identity policing”) and their content, they are definitely a troll and not doing it out of some genuine concern. Please block them, for your own sake.

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The way that trans men and other CAFAB trans people constantly claim that they are “underrepresented” within the LGBT community and deserve more resources is literally a textbook example of CAFAB trans people exhibiting male privilege over not only CAMAB trans people but also cis women.

Because the reality is that the overwhelming majority of Western transphobia specifically targets CAMAB trans people (including a staggering 98% of all anti-trans violence), and yet substantially more resources already cater primarily or exclusively to CAFAB trans people. And yet trans males constantly demand more, even to the point of demanding that women’s spaces exclude trans women and decenter cis women.

Moreover, the behavior of CAFAB trans people in this regard precisely mirrors the behavior of cis males, whom studies have shown consistently perceive women as “dominating the conversation” anytime we speak more than 30% of the time. So when CAFAB trans people claim that they are “underrepresented” in trans spaces, what they are really expressing is anger that they are not being permitted to monopolize and dominate trans spaces the way cis men monopolize and dominate mainstream spaces.

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This organization seems really cool, they provide financial support for trans* people who couldn’t afford surgery under normal circumstances. I saw this online and I thought people might benefit from it.

Yup! The Jim Collins Foundation is amazing. I know several people personally who have been helped by them. HUGE signal boost for these wonderful people!

Great to hear a personal testimony for the Jim Collins Foundation from user ubi-caritas-et-amor, making us more confident about signal boosting them!

Signal boosting for my Trans* followers. <3

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Reading this list is heartbreaking.

November 20th is Transgender Remembrance day and this week is Trans Awareness week. 

This year the youngest victims are 16.

pretty often people don’t believe me when i bring up how much violence there is against trans* people

we are not

a post-discrimination


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For those who don’t know (which is probably only a tiny minority of anyone reading this blog), the process for trans women to access lower surgery, especially when dependent on external financing, requires jumping through a lot of hoops and submitting to a lot of standards and expectations, collectively referred to as “gatekeeping”. This process is, at its surface, all about ensuring that you’re a “good candidate” for the surgery, “proving” that you’re “really” transsexual, “really” psychologically “able” to make the decision and offer informed consent and ultimately cope with a surgery that’s very emotionally intense (especially when viewed from a cisgender male perspective, which has difficulty imagining the procedure as anything other than horrific), “proving” that you’re really “living as a woman” (whatever the hell that means), and “proving” that you’ve really “socially integrated as a woman” (again, whatever the hell that means).

It’s kinda all about making sure you’re not shaking up cisnormative expectations too much, or threatening the larger frameworks of sex and gender more than is considered acceptable. It’s face is “protect the patient from the potential consequences of their decision”. It’s shadow is “protect cis-patriarchy from what the patient may imply”.


Indian activists belonging to various womens rights organisation hold placards during a protest demonstration staged in Bangalore condemning violence against women and transgender people. 

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TW: Suicide


Klint Finley

Depressing: The Advocate reports on a survey by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and National Center for Transgender Equality. Among the findings: “Fifty-six percent (56%) of American Indian and Alaskan Native transgender respondents reported having attempted suicide compared to 41% of all study respondents.”

Full Story: The Advocate: Over Half of Native Trans People Have Attempted Suicide

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Valerie Spencer: Why she kicks ass

  • She is a transgender advocate and educator, works in the arena of social services, specifically representing HIV prevention and service delivery as it relates to the transgender community.
  • She has worked with a number of organizations and agencies, including health departments, universities and developed Los Angeles County’s first curriculum addressing transgender issues from the perspective of people of color. She has also presented to community groups and at conferences around the country.
  • She co-developed and co-facilitated the Transgender Leadership Academy; a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Transgender Youth Consortium and the FTM Alliance. “This was a ground-breaking effort to build our leaders. In the past, transgender leadership came into being by way of osmosis. This was a chance to take all of the information that we as leaders have gained, share it in a constructive manner and shape our mavericks of the future.”

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